Writing this on Remembrance Sunday 2016, reflecting on why it is so important to “remember”. Margaret Attwood famously wrote “War is what happens when language fails.” So we need to keep talking, listening, communicating.

football1In a week where Donald Trump became President Elect of the USA, amid protests and rallies declaring that for many US citizens ‘ he is not THEIR President’, it was heartwarming to see a quieter visual demonstration on the football field as the United States and Mexico faced each other in their World Cup qualifying clash. The national teams made a pointed statement … “instead of posing for separate team photographs as per convention the two sets of players came together and mixed to form what many have interpreted as a “UNITY WALL”. I love the fact there was still a clash on the pitch between the players….. we are human beings after all and football I am reliably informed is not just a “game”!

concert 2Today also marks the one year anniversary of the Paris attacks. As the Bataclan reopens to the sounds of Sting, Paris quietly remembers all those killed and maimed in the attacks this time last year.
 And of course we are still in the middle of 4 years of special remembrance on the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War…… so many memorable art installations reminding us of the horror of wars - 15 major conflicts since the end of World War 2. 





SpecialGod asks us to remember too……. he asks us to 

remember that the reason Jesus came as a baby was to show us that there was another way, the way of humility and service. When we take the Bread and Cup we are reminding ourselves that our “hope” and “joy” come from remembering the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us, coming to share our life with all its sorrows and joys, dying on the cross taking our selfishness down to the grave and rising again to show us that there is life to be lived in all its richness.  The bible tells us that God chooses not to remember all our selfish acts and thoughts, that does not mean he forgets them, he just chooses not to remember them.

On this Remembrance Day 2016 when the world still seems to be in such turmoil, let us choose not to remember the wrongs done to us but to remember all those things that help us to live FULL and HOPEFUL lives.

For more on this subject join us at 4:10 Special next Sunday 20 November St Paul’s WORTHING.