DannyI love that series on the TV where famous people get to delve into their family history and find extraordinary things in their pasts……so often quite an emotional time when people find out that ancestors of theirs died in the poor house, a debtor’s prison or a concentration camp.  One of my favourites was the one where Danny Dwyer (probably most famous for being the Landlord of the Queen Vic in Eastenders) discovered that he was in fact related to Thomas Cromwell infamous adviser to Henry VIII and even more spectacularly was a direct descendent of William the Conqueror and King Edward III.  Amazing story and probably particularly delicious as he was so down to earth himself, reducing some of the experts to silence as they did not quite know how to handle him.


Names and titles can be so important…..

Who do you think you areIt is interesting to find out about your own name, maybe the reasons you were given it and what meaning the name holds.  We recently did some research into the names of various local towns and villages.  It was interesting to find that the name WORTHING originates from the Old English name “worthy” which means ‘valiant one’ or ‘one who is noble’ and “ingas” which literally means ‘people of’. 

 So we might say that Worthing is the place which the people of noble and valiant character live!

Who do you think you are2Whereas Brighton’s name seems less clear - maybe simply ‘the Bright town’ or ‘story valley’ or Bearthelms homestead or village.  It has colloquially and somewhat tongue in cheek been referred over the years as ‘the Queen of watering places’ and ‘London by the Sea’.  I am interested in this as there has been a whole history down the generations of Worthing feeling like it never quite made it to the dizzy heights of Brighton’s popularity and yet we are the noble and valiant people - what higher praise could there be?  Maybe we should start to live up to WHO WE THINK WE ARE!


Who do you think you are3We are in Storm are in the middle of a year of looking at the subject of HOPE. Having established the origins of our HOPE last term we are now looking at the reasons for our HOPE through the many names and titles of Jesus.  According to one study he carries 196 different names and titles…….. well we are not going to be able to cover all of those in the time up to Easter but we will be looking at a few of the key ones.  So far we have been fascinated to find that the Wise Men came looking for a King, but when the then King Herod looked up the ancient prophecies he found that the new King was to be a Shepherd.  I love that pairing of Shepherd King, one who knows us by name, cares and provides for us yet worthy of our worship……..

Do join us twice monthly on a Sunday as we explore yet more of the names and titles of Jesus and discover more of WHO HE and others THOUGHT HE WAS and whether that has any relevance to us today……….        Revie G January 2017